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Create Journeys

ShoMe lets anyone create and share virtual journeys through the real world. Tour landmarks, make scavenger hunts, or take a field trip.

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Explore at your Own Pace

You can take any route through any ShoMe journey and still receive same overall experience. ShoMe creates guided encounters that are rich and engaging based on what you've already been shown.

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Educate & Invite

Use ShoMe as a teaching or assignment platform to learn through space and time. Then invite friends to share the journeys you make, or have enjoyed with others.



Virtually experience other people's Journeys through your web browser by clicking here.


What ShoMe Does

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    Take a Journey

    ShoMe is a new platform for creating and sharing rich, interactive real world journeys, delivered via a mobile app smart enough to track your learning as you go. Enter the app, select a journey, and then play ShoMe as you travel around the area it covers.

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    What to Expect

    Your ShoMe journey can feature videos, audio, text, images, or even quizzes, all triggered when you reach specific points in your journey. It’s great for tourists, gamers, educators, families and friends. You can also rate the trips you love and share them with your friends.

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    How to Get Started

    ShoMe journeys are easy to create. Just head to the “journey builder” area of our website and fill the templates with your journey elements! Make a ShoMe journey yourself, or put one together as a group. Share your virtual journeys in the real world by taking them on the mobile app.

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    The Future of ShoMe

    We built ShoMe’s mobile learning platform as a way to reinvent geology field trips for students at Stanford University. Many students were excited to build their own ShoMe trips, highlighting our technology’s potential for easily creating enhanced travel and educational experiences of all kinds.

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Meet the ShoMe Team

ShoMe is built in collaboration with Stanford's VPTL and SE3

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Chris Mockus

UX Specialist, VPTL

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Professor George Hilley

Project Leader & Development

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Hailey Spelman

Primary UX Designer

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Ben Dvorak


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Albert Tung


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Miles Traer


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Samuel Gold

Project Manager

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